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Visiting Georgia During COVID-19

Visiting Georgia During COVID-19

1. Visa Requirements

Foreigners who seek to enter Georgia generally must first obtain a Georgian visa, which is placed in the traveler’s passport (a visa blank) or is issued electronically (electronic visa). Certain international travelers may be eligible to travel to Georgia without a visa if they meet the requirements for visa-free travel.

While planning travel to Georgia, learn about visa requirements here:
In case of crossing the border and re-entering Georgia, the period of staying without a visa will also increase.

2. Restrictions and conditions of border crossing

At this stage because of COVID-19, the state border of Georgia is unconditionally opened for 5 countries out
of 27 EU member states (Germany, France, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Citizens of the above 5 countries / persons with permanent residence permits can come to Georgia for all types of visits only by air, in case of departure from the indicated 5 countries. For example: a Latvian citizen / resident’s resident from Germany will enter Georgia unconditionally.

Before crossing the Georgian border, they must fill out a specially designed, electronic form here:, which must indicate the history of the trip during the last 14 days before  entering Georgia, the location specified during the visit to Georgia, contact information, etc. With their consent, they will undergo a PCR test at the airport (at state expense).

As a result of passing the thermal screening at the border, in case of temperature above 37 degrees, the person will be taken to a medical facility.

Citizens of EU countries (Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Croatia) who entered Georgia in the so-called In the green list (except for the 5 countries listed above) or various restrictions have been imposed, you can enter Georgia under a 14-day mandatory quarantine, the costs of which will be covered by yourself.

If a citizen / resident of the above 5 countries arrives by air from the EU country with which Georgia opens the border by reservation (Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania), From the countries with which Georgia does not have a border, as well as if it has a travel history of the last 14 days in countries other than the mentioned 5 countries, is subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine, at its own expense.

In relation to other EU member states (Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Malta, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia), which did not open the border with Georgia, we still maintain the current regime.

It should be noted that business visits from all over the world will be carried out smoothly in advance, by filling in the relevant form and in agreement with the relevant industry agency. Guests arriving in Georgia on a business visit are required to take a PCR test at COVID-19 every 72 hours at their own expense, or to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine, also at their own expense. This does not apply to citizens of 5 EU member states / holders of residence permits with whom Georgia unconditionally opens its borders.

3. Conclusion

Foreigners who plan to visit Georgia are required to fill out a special application form, after which they will receive a reply to the e-mail within 10 working days about the possibility of crossing the Georgian border, as well as instructions to be passed during their stay in Georgia. This could be a 14-day quarantine or PCR test every 72 hours or e.g. 5-day quarantine and PCR test every 72 hours at its own expense.

The Georgian government continues to actively cooperate with EU member states and partner countries, and in accordance with the recommendation, once every two weeks, the conditions for entry of both Georgians and Georgian citizens to these countries will be jointly reviewed.

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