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payroll management

In Georgia, when it comes to payroll management service and employee relations, there are many regulations to consider, such as labor, tax, and pension legislation.

Unlike other countries, withholding income tax in Georgia is one of the most complex. Therefore, foreign businesses that start operating in Georgia find it difficult to understand it and require accurate payroll management service. One of the main objects of withholding income tax is, of course, taxes on individuals working for hire. The Tax Code of Georgia explains in what cases transfers are considered as salary or benefits of the employee and are therefore subject to withholding income tax.

Nevertheless, of course, the legislation is not so comprehensive that it physically covers all cases and completely regulates them, on which the regulatory authorities periodically issue acts, orders, notes, instructions, decisions, and comments, which must be taken into account. In addition to tax legislation, there is a pensions tax companies are required to pay on their and on employees’ behalf as well.

When dealing with employees and payroll management service, the labor legislation that regulates labor and its concomitant relations in the territory of Georgia must be taken into account. The amount of minimum wage, working time, vacations, maternity and etc. is determined by the labor legislation. Moreover, It is also required for employers to record working time for employees in accordance with the legislation.

What we offer:

We provide an extremely accurate and reliable payroll management service for all sectors and sizes of business in Georgia. In the case of using our payroll service, in addition to tax support, you will also have legal support, which will ensure that your relationship with employees is in accordance with the law.

We provide full outsourcing of business payroll management service with efficient and flexible payment processing. With our payroll management, calculations, and payment of applicable withholding taxes, you save time and money for your business. Our dedicated payroll representatives ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Our payroll management service includes:

  • Assistance in drawing up employee contracts in accordance with the Georgian legislation
  • Calculation of applicable withholding tax and pensions payments
  • Direct deposit
  • Keeping track of employees working/sick/vacation/maternity time tracking
  • Informing about the provisions in the regulatory legislation
  • Providing and updating information about employees to relevant state agencies in accordance with legislation
  • Requesting and issuing information/notices about employees
  • Detailed management reports

Accurate & flexible payroll management service for your business!